What is the distribution and the version?

It is based on Ubuntu12.04LTS which AWS officially provides.

What is the version of Chef-Server?

  • 11.0.10
  • 11.0.11

What is the version of Chef-Client?

It is installed the latest version of 11.x at the beginning and registered ad a Node of Chef-Server.

Can I use EIP?

Yes. When you give EIP to your instance, please run sudo chef-server-ctl reconfigure.

Update Chef-Server

To update already installed Chef-Server, please follow the official documentation below.

Upgrade to Newer Versions of Chef Server 11.x

When the version is under 11.0.12, you need to follow the steps below before updating.

Change 2 lines below in /etc/chef-server/chef-server.rb.


server_name = ohai.cloud[:public_ipv4]

server_name = ohai[:cloud][:public_ipv4]


chef_server_webui['web_ui_admin_default_password'] = ohai.ec2[:instance_id]

chef_server_webui['web_ui_admin_default_password'] = ohai[:ec2][:instance_id]

After changing the above, follow the steps of the official page to upgrade.

Replace the authentication key pair

Run the following commands in turn.

rm /var/opt/chef-server/nginx/ca/*
chef-server-ctl reconfigure
chef-server-ctl restart

What is the SSH login user?


Is it possible to update Chef-Server?

You can download the Omnibus package for Ubuntu from the getchef site and apply it.

Can I use it as Workstation?

Workstation is set up for the root user. Please change the user with sudo -s.

I can’t login.

Please try another browser. A few issues of login with Firefox have been reported.


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